I have an update for you


I have an update for you.

As I said in my last post, I had found a program that teaches selling, and has good support well let me tell you. I had asked a question last week too their Daily ‘Ask us Anything’ coaching, which is online but could not attend the live session. So tried to follow the reply. But the dashboard didn’t match mine, so I was not sure if I had got it right.

So, I submitted another question, I was able to do the live coaching session which made all the difference  and was taken through setting it up, step by step. So, know I can move on with posting my updates and adding a hyper link.

If I am still having a problem all I have to do is ask another question by 9am on the day of the week I want it  answered and it will be answered that day. If after 9am its answered the nest day, as all the sessions are record  if one can’t make it there is reply to watch.

If you think this was helpful, please comment below. Till next time.

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